Security Awareness Program Manager

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Job description

If working with customers in the information security field excites you, and you shine where autonomy and teamwork meet, you are most likely Behaav material!

We are looking for someone to lead our customers from putting a dot on the horizon to creating the roadmap to get there – and beyond.

To be more concrete, you’ll be involved in:

- Customer onboarding.
- Creating tailored security awareness programs.
- Managing the security awareness lifecycle.
- Providing service management.
- Participating in governance.
- Providing recommendations based on programme development.

Our customers are looking for an exceptional Customer Hero with the following qualities:

- Ambitious and fun
- Extraordinary written and verbal communication skills
- Experienced in the information security field
- Enthusiastic about data to maximise results
- Team player
- Good sense of office humour
- Available 32 hours per week on average
- Speaks Dutch and English fluently
- Bachelor level… but don’t worry if you didn’t go the distance. We were young once too.

Who are we?

We believe People are the key to effective information security.
That’s why we create security awareness and secure behaviour for our customers.

We do this by:
1. Training staff to improve their security knowledge and skill.
2. Creating, executing, and managing security awareness and secure behaviour programs to reduce organisational risk.
3. Providing security awareness and behaviour expertise to augment existing teams, projects and programs.


We are part of the Dotslash Utrecht community; a start-up / scale-up hub that houses many likeminded companies with drive and ambition. You can just imagine the atmosphere and excitement there! Our address: Europalaan 400, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

By the way: we hire for attitude.

Why are you still reading this? If you think you’re suitable, drop us a line or call, and we will put aside some time to find out!

Team foto - Melvin

Melvin Broersma

085 0043 532