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Data-driven security awareness

and behaviour

Our data-driven security awareness and behaviour approach helps security leaders effectively manage compliance requirements and the influx of (spear)phishing attacks.

By starting with a baseline assessment that analyses employee security proficiency, awareness and behavioural risk, we are able to tailor security awareness training to the individual. This makes training more relevant to the trainee and increases engagement significantly.

In order to effectively deal with residual risk that potentially remains after awareness campaigns and simulations, we deploy a behavioural science-based approach to behavioural change that guarantees reduction of risk. Please check out our approach below.

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Our approach

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Understand your baseline

To gain a full understanding of the target audience, we leverage a combination of survey methods grounded in assessment science, along with traditional assessment methods such as desk research and interviews.

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Prepare for change

Leveraging the data gathered in the assessment phase, we tailor the security training curriculum to raise knowledge and awareness. Then, we simulate real-life situations to improve employee skills and maintain vigilance.

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Address residual risk

Residual behavioural risk with significant impact on the business are addressed using behavioural change campaigns. These custom campaigns are designed to change unwanted behaviour by leveraging behavioural design principles.

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Ensure integration

Once the organisation has matured its approach to security awareness, long-term sustainability of the program is ensured by integrating behavioural security objectives into strategic functions.