People are the key to effective information security

Companies of all sizes rely on us to help increase security awareness and reduce behavioural risk.

How can we help make People your most valuable security asset?

Our approach for effective

Security Awareness and Secure Behaviour


An initial assessment of security proficiency, culture and behavioural risk is critical to obtain the objective of security awareness and secure behaviour. Its results feed into every following phase.


Assessment outcomes should be used to make data-based decisions regarding the content of the awareness training program.

Security Awareness PCDA cycle


After completing security training, residual (undesirable) behaviours may remain. These may be addressed by Behavioural Change Campaigns.


Integrating security objectives into strategic functions will help sustain the awareness program long-term and drive culture change.

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Security awareness and secure behaviour services

Virtually all cyber attacks rely on human error to succeed. As a matter of fact, People are the cause of over 90% of information security incidents. Therefore, to be effective,  your security strategy should focus on human behaviour.

Deploy a Security Awareness Training Platform

Our platform helps organisations reduce employee susceptibility to phishing attacks by 87% on average.

Create security awareness and secure behaviour

Our approach is based on data to enable fact-based decision making and obtain measurable progress.

Expert advice for your security awareness program

Whether you need to augment your staff, expert advice or a temporary Security Awareness Leader, we can help!

Why we’re different


We are extremely focused on behavior because it is the only human element that impacts risk.

Highly tailored

By measuring human risk, we are able to define and apply a tailored approach down to the individual if needed.


We use data throughout our methodology to drive results. No hunches or gut feelings.

Guaranteed results

Some say they can help. We say we can help and back it up with a guarantee.