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We believe People are the key to effective information security

At Behaav, we believe that People are the key to effective information security, because a people-centric approach addresses the root-cause of all information security challenges.

That’s why we help businesses create sustainable security awareness and behavior.

We do this by leveraging a proprietary methodology that assesses knowledge, awareness and behavior; provides highly tailored education; improves skill through simulation; and reduces risk through behavioral change campaigns.

Technology alone incapable of effectively securing information


of global security budgets are  invested in technology

> 90%

of attacks leverage human error to succeed

< 1%

of investments are related to people


Melvin Broersma

Managing Partner

Rudy Spinola

Managing Partner

We focus on
security awareness.

By changing behaviour.

Our story

May 2018

Behaav is founded

Disappointed with the failed promise of technology, Rudy Spinola starts as a consultancy with a vision to help its customers reduce information risk by leveraging their people.

September 2018

Teamed up with VNTRS Consulting

Recognising the need for help to expand and execute his vision, Rudy called upon his long-time industry friend Melvin Broersma, owner of VNTRS Consulting.

3 October 2019

Behaav BV is founded

After an extensive process of planning, piloting, learning and refining, their joint ideas for behaviour-centric security quickly led to them joining forces. A new company was formed and the Behaav name was transferred to it.

May 2020

Behaav becomes KnowBe4 partner

Due to its focus on Security Awareness and Behaviour, KnowBe4, the world's leading security awareness computer based training platform, enters into a partnership with Behaav.

June 2020

First managed customer

Shortly after launching its managed services portfolio, Behaav signed their first managed services customer.


A bright future lies ahead...

Behaav now serves over tens of thousands of users across multiple industries, such as finance, industry, education and retail.