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Augment your program with our expertise

Due to compliance requirements and the influx of (spear)phishing attacks, Security Awareness is high on the to-do list of many Information Security Leaders. In fact, it is more important than ever, but due to a skills shortage and the immaturity of this niche, many programs are ineffective.

To help organisations address their need to implement a people-centric security program, we provide professional services to augment their team’s skills.

Whether short on staff or in need of security awareness and behaviour related expertise, we provide:

a lower TCO for compliance and security through on-demand consulting and advisory,
measurable KPI based model, as opposed to effort based, to offer guaranteed results,
coordination and alignment with overarching company initiatives,
formalised governance model to ensure alignment and effectiveness.
Example Behavioral change governance

Copyright 2021 Behaav BV – Resilient Workforce governance model

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Why we’re different


Certified security experts with a dedicated focus on Security awareness and behaviour.


Our proven methodology is seamlessly injects security awareness and behaviour elements into any information security program


Having successfully overcome many security awareness and behaviour challenges, our specialists bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Data driven

To achieve operational excellence, we rely on a data driven approach to distinguish facts from fiction.

Need help? Talk to one of our consultants.

Service options

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  • Consulting

    • Consulting credit
    • On-demand sounding board
    • Support existing initiatives
    • Extensive experience
    • Qualified experts

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  • Security Awareness Manager

    • Project management
    • Staff augmentation
    • Extensive experience
    • KPI based assignments
    • Reports

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  • Security Awareness Officer

    • Delegate to the CISO
    • Program management
    • Staff augmentation
    • Extensive experience
    • KPI based assignments
    • Reports