Security Awareness Manager

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Add awareness and behaviour expertise to your security team

Many companies are short in qualified and skilled security staff. Behaav’s Security Awareness Managers help CISO’s improve the delivery of their security awareness programs by ensuring operational excellence of security awareness projects, such as:


  • Security awareness assessments;
  • Behavioral security assessments;
  • Security training and educational campaigns;
  • Security simulations;
  • Behavioral Security campaigns;
  • Stakeholder engagements and reporting.

They leverage a wealth of expertise and experience, along with our data-based methodology to guarantee the behavioral change that leads to secure behavior.

Our differentiators


Certified security experts with a dedicated focus on Security awareness and behaviour projects.


Through the many different security awareness projects they’ve seen, our Managers bring a wealth of experience.


The Resilient Workforce Methodology ensures the most effective route to secure behavior is taken every time.

Lower cost

All we do is security awareness and behaviour, so leverage our experience to lower your TCO.

Need help? Talk to one of our consultants.

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  • Consultancy

    • Pre-paid advisory
    • On-demand sounding board
    • Support existing initiatives
    • Extensive experience
    • Qualified experts

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  • Security Awareness Manager

    • Project management
    • Staff augmentation
    • Extensive experience
    • KPI based assignments
    • Reports

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  • Security Awareness Officer

    • Delegate to the CISO
    • Program management
    • Staff augmentation
    • Extensive experience
    • KPI based assignments
    • Reports