Security Awareness Officer

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Add security awareness and behaviour leadership to your team

Many companies are short in qualified and skilled security staff. Behaav’s Security Awareness Managers Officers help CISO’s by building and leading security awareness and behavioural change programs.

As an experienced and qualified security awareness leader, the Security Awareness Officer:

Designs security awareness and behaviour programs, including objectives and KPI’s and governance model,
Leads the security awareness and behaviour program as a direct report to the Chief Information Security Officer,
Acts as a liaison for information security, and as such drives strategic stakeholder management as relates to awareness and behaviour,
Acts as a Program Manager and supervises projects and timelines;
Takes budgetary ownership;
Delivers strategic reporting.

Read more: Our blog series about the tasks of a Security Awareness Officer.

Why we’re different


Certified security experts with a dedicated focus on Security awareness and behaviour projects.


Through the many different security awareness projects they’ve seen, our Managers bring a wealth of experience.


The Resilient Workforce Methodology ensures the most effective route to secure behavior is taken every time.

Lower cost

All we do is security awareness and behaviour, so leverage our experience to lower your TCO.

Need help? Talk to one of our consultants.
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  • Consultancy

    • Pre-paid advisory
    • On-demand sounding board
    • Support existing initiatives
    • Extensive experience
    • Qualified experts

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  • Security Awareness Manager

    • Project management
    • Staff augmentation
    • Extensive experience
    • KPI based assignments
    • Reports

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  • Security Awareness Officer

    • Delegate to the CISO
    • Program management
    • Staff augmentation
    • Extensive experience
    • KPI based assignments
    • Reports