Awareness Campaigns

Raise security awareness with impactful campaigns

The ultimate goal of any security (awareness) program is the reduction of (human) risk to an appropriate level. And it isn’t knowledge or awareness that impacts risk. It’s behaviour.

This is the key to how we achieve maximum impact: by setting behavioural change objectives for our awareness campaigns. This means we don’t measure engagement or attendance. We measure the impact of a campaign by the behavioural change it achieves.

Furthermore, our awareness campaigns:

are tailored to the target audience, leveraging online and offline materials,
are executed omni-channel to ensure messaging organically reaches the target audience,
include management toolkits to ensure their sponsorship and participation.

Why we’re different

Focus on behaviour

An often-made mistake is setting the wrong goal. Even though “awareness” is the name of the game, it shouldn’t be the goal of an awareness campaign.


Security Awareness and Behaviour is our bread and butter. Our people are certified security experts with years of experience and a dedicated focus


Our tailored, omni-channel approach, combined with a data-driven perspective ensures we reach the entire target audience and yield measurable results.


With a comprehensive portfolio in security awareness and behaviour, we're here for the ride and will grow with you as your program matures.

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Behavioral Change Campaigns

After completing several iterations of security training, some residual (unwanted) behaviours may still remain. These can be addressed by using Behavioural Change Campaigns. These custom campaigns are designed to change unwanted behaviour by manipulating its three elements: motivation, ability and prompt.