Educate and engage your employees with interactive workshops

A common obstacle to an effective security awareness program is a lack of engagement. Even though e-learning is more scalable, instructor-led classroom training is excellent for motivating people and getting the right message across in the exact context of the trainee.

To augment e-learning, kickstart your security awareness program or to revitalise an existing campaign, Behaav provides online and offline workshops. With a focus on interaction, we provide tailored workshops that are sure to motivate your employees and prepare them for behavioural change.

A few benefits of our workshops:

creates high engagement rates,
significantly increases knowledge and awareness of the target audience,
increases motivation as a prerequisite for behavioural change,
measurable results.

Interactive security workshops

Keynote speaking engagement

Keynote sessions are perfectly suitable to reach a larger group on for example a company theme event. If the situation requires an online keynote, we'll simply adapt.

On-site or remote workshop

Classroom training is perfect for groups up to 30 employees to address specific areas of security. Think of specific departments or project and development teams.

Management workshop

Leadership sessions are vital. How can you lead by example? And what is secure behaviour on a managerial level? We have been there and are ready to help!

Why we’re different


Our Managers are considered experts at project management and anything to do with security awareness.


The Resilient Workforce Methodology ensures the most effective route to secure behavior is taken every time.


Through the many different security awareness projects they’ve seen, our Managers bring a wealth of experience.


To achieve operational excellence, we rely on a data-based approach to distinguish facts from fiction.

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