Serious Games

Seriously improve behaviour

A common obstacle to an effective security awareness program is a lack of engagement. Whether its due to an overload of information, or your employees simply having other priorities, games are a great way of increasing motivation and interest in cybersecurity.

For these situations we offer Serious Games. These kind of campaign elements are gaining popularity and could be the missing link in your campaign or program.  Breaking your employees (or management) out of their daily routines to do something fun and learn at the same time will surely have a lasting impact.

Behaav’s Serious Games will:

increase employee engagement and security awareness,
stimulate your people to contribute to the information security program.
provide a guaranteed safe and fun learning experience.


of employees experiences improved learning outcomes through serious games

Source: Paradigm learning

Why we’re different

Break the code

Break the code with your team to escape the room. Learn about cyber security at the same time.

Character gameplay

Make the right decisions in a game during a simulated cyber attack on your company.


Compete individually or in teams, who brings home the trophy!? Bring your device and we'll take care of the rest.

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