Social Engineering

Test employee susceptibility to social attacks

99 percent of attacks leverage human error to succeed. Hackers exploit social and psychological factors simply because it’s easier than beating technology. This means security awareness is more important than ever.

Even though education helps, simulating real-life situations on a regular basis will help build the skills employees need to effectively help protect the organisation’s information.

An effective way of testing the susceptibility of your employees to attacks is to perform social engineering simulations. Behaav provides this as a custom service.

Social engineering will provide you with:

information about your organisation’s susceptibility to social engineering attacks,
valuable input to improve your security training curriculum and program,
increased employee awareness and behaviour relating to social engineering attacks, leading to reduced risk.


of social engineering simulations is successful (market average)

Why we’re different


Certified security experts with a dedicated focus on Security awareness and behaviour projects.


Through the many different security awareness projects they’ve seen, our Managers bring a wealth of experience.


The Resilient Workforce Methodology ensures the most effective route to secure behavior is taken every time.

Lower cost

All we do is security awareness and behaviour, so leverage our experience to lower your TCO.

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